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Everything from Figma classes to Webflow and many more, UX Lab Academy offers a range of online courses to help you learn and master web development.

Learn directly from people who worked at companies such as

Over 15+ years of experience packed into real hands-on courses.

Tons of experience inside these design courses, available with one click.
We've test them all: Adobe XD, Figma, Sketch, Webflow, so you don't have to.
All students get ongoing support throughout their journey, not just for courses.
Experts are excited to share their wisdom, experience and trusted techniques with you.

Level up your design workflow.

In addition to our design and web development courses, we also have a growing library of resources that you can purchase and instantly integrate into your workflow.
Products are ready and available, to aid with efficiency.
Free lifetime updates. Purchase once use forever.
We use and test these products daily, allowing you to focus on your job without constant problem-solving concerns.

Why choose UX Lab?

At UX LAB, we offer a variety of resources to help the next generation of designers succeed in a competitive field. Our courses provide valuable knowledge, and our products are designed to streamline and improve your workflow. Let us be your go-to source for all your design needs.
First class product
development experience
All the information and knowledge that is shared on this website is based on decades of working with companies like Barclays, Booking and Pearson.
Hands-on learning
All knowledge shared in our courses is acquired through real world experience, working inside big companies that tackle product development daily.
Team of experts
Our products and courses are developed from over 15+ years of industry experience.
The mission
Our mission is to guide our students from 0 to hero, from no knowledge to landing your fist job in the digital space.
Designers community
Our student and client community come from all walks of life and all around the world. We don't just want to share ideas but also real life opportunities.
Always up to date
UI & UX Design as well as web development, are constantly evolving, but no worries we got your back! We'll continuously improve and deliver the latest news so you don't miss a beat.

Your designers' community awaits!

We're continuously growing and best part is that we can go through this together.
Once you purchase one or more of our courses you will have lifelong access to a global community.
Feel free to ask any questions you have relating to design and web development.
Keep an eye out for events coming out, where again you'll have exclusive access to either free or discounted attendance!

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