Presentation Kit

Master impactful presentations with the Figma Presentation Kit. Elevate your slides effortlessly, ensuring seamless communication, captivating insights, and streamlined feedback.

What’s inside the
Figma Presentation Kit?

You will get access to all the components you need to streamline feedback, capture insights,
and boost your design communication effortlessly.
Presentation Pages
Easily customisable components
Status Headers

What is this for?

This is why should you should start using an Presentation Kit to present your designs or capture your potential clients attention.
Set up your document in seconds
Streamlined design template with all essentials. No need to recreate documents for different case studies.
Keep it all consistent
Effortlessly tailor your presentation to embody your brand's identity using preset elements. Customize with color schemes, typefaces, and more, achieving a cohesive and personalised style in no time.
Improve your workflow
Elevate your professionalism with a detailed presentation. Sections offer ample space for problems, insights, solutions, and conclusions—working smarter and making a lasting impact.

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