Figma Annotation Kit

Gain seamless access to essential components for refining feedback, gathering insights, and enhancing design communication effortlessly with the Figma Presentation Kit.

What’s inside the
Figma Annotation Kit?

You will get access to all the components you need to streamline feedback, capture insights,
and boost your design communication effortlessly.
Pointed notes
Status pills
Status Headers

What is this for?

This is why should you should start using an annotation kit
when designing user interfaces.
Organise design commenting
Effectively highlight key information and comments by utilising the pointer notes components.
Track your progress
Ease your worry about keeping everyone informed. Utilise the status bar to swiftly update the status of your designs.
Compile comment
and summaries
Centralize significant updates in a single space by compiling all key information about your design directly in Figma.

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