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Here’s how you can start learning and become a legendary designer.
Learn in your own time
Courses are pre-recorded so that you can watch them anywhere, anytime.
Access anywhere
A device and an active internet connection is all that you need to start learning.
Practice assignments and resources
Packed with practical assignments and resources to help you learn faster.
Community support
Get access to an exclusive and active community of like-minded designers.
Learn from industry experts
Our products and courses are developed with over 15+ years of industry experience.
Purchase receipt available
All payments are made securely through Stripe and we'll send you a purchase receipt that is also acceptable for tax purposes.

How does this work?

UX Lab will be a game changer when it comes to improving your workflow. Here you will have everything from online ready-to-play courses to digital products to help you thrive in a competitive setting.
Step 1

Purchase the course you need

Upon purchasing our courses, you will gain access to an exclusive community of like-minded designers, developers and other students to meet, share, learn and grow with one another.
Step 2

Log in to your dashboard

Simply log in using your email and password and start exploring. The classes you signed up to and the products you've purchased will be available here.
Step 3

Start learning

We've tried to make this simple for everyone, thus you have the lessons on one side whilst each class will be running on the right side. Feel free to pause and learn at your own pace.
Step 4

Join our community on Slack

Once you purchase an online design course or product development you will also have access to our designer's community. We are here to help you guide through each step, and also you have other fellow class mates that go through the same process so feel free to reach out to all of us!

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